Prink Meaning

prink/ (prɪŋk) /


to dress (oneself, etc) finely; deck out(intr) to preen oneself , especially in front of a mirror

An urban Chicago hair salon  in a private studio space servicing only one client at a time by one stylist.  It is  a perfect place to sit back and relax without any distractions or contact with multiple people.

Established in 2003. PRINK has evolved over the years and always been a space dedicated to customized service and advanced training.  The trends in hair are ever evolving and so are the professional products available to stylists.    The focus of PRINK  has always been on hair and modernity.  

*Voted Best Hair Color in Chicago by InStyle and Chicago Magazine*


Rachel Glenn , Master Stylist / Colorist

   With over 2 decades of experience behind the chair, and traveling the country as a salon educator,, Rachel  has dedicated her career to advanced training and techniques as trends evolve. Rachel's specialty is hair color and harmonizing texture and cut to create the best foundation for effortless styling.  Rachel has trained and worked along side some of the most renowned stylists around the country and other parts of the world. 

   “Your hair is a reflection of you.  It is my job to listen and bring out your best of what you were born with.   Building lasting relationships is  the best way I know to deliver the haircut and hair color  that best suits the individual sitting in my chair.”

-Rachel Glenn

Owner PRINK hair/Independent Stylist